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advertise your community here!

advertise your community here!
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This community anyone can join. It is simply for advertising other communities, without getting bitched at for doing it. {{your welcome!}} You can look for communities to join if you dont like the huge list you get when you type in an interest!...and so this is not completely boring..you can also post about anything ya want here. just nothing sick!! I cant guarantee you will get a lot of people from this but it will help! I made this because im sick of people complaining bout ads in their communities or journals. and im nice :)

* Don't over do it.

* Be nice to other people on here!

* Have a good add so you will get more hits.

hmmm..thats about it i think??? happy advertising!

* if you make an awesome layout for this community and i use it then ill feature ur add on this page for a while.


-made the current layout-